31636182_10156328877967387_6317553423881338880_nNaomi Valdivia is truly a Southern California artist, raised in Carson, CA, went to high school in Hollywood at Fairfax Visual Arts Magnet, and graduated college at Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles. She currently is a Graphic Designer and freelance Illustrator in Camarillo, CA. Her style is influenced by meshing cultures, as she is a living, breathing mesh of cultures herself-specifically half Filipino, a quarter Japanese, and a quarter Caucasian, and within those ethnicities, are countless mixtures. Her work is both traditional and digital, mixing pencil drawing, the clean vector quality of Illustrator and the many painterly possibilities of Photoshop. She tends to mix religious, historical and cultural elements in her work. She likes the idea of mixing something that is beautiful with something that is seen as morbid-therefore creating its own haunting and thought provoking beauty.

1604468_10152743747047335_6373711329310203512_nCarlos Valdivia was born in Monterey Park, CA and grew up in East Los Angeles, Inglewood, CA and Simi Valley, CA. Growing up in such different parts of Southern California has made him the artist he is today. He graduated from Otis College of Art and Design. Influences include Saul Bass, Frank Frazetta, Massimiliano Frezzato, Jim Lee, Olly Moss, and Rembrandt. His biggest interest when it comes to art is learning something new, everyday, whether it be in illustration, graphic design, packaging design or anywhere in between. 

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