Art Show this Weekend: Kuwento Engkuwentro – Angeleno Folklore, Legends & Sidewalk Stories


Beenznrice will be present at the closing reception of the Kuwento Engkuwentro show at the Pico House on Olvera Street this Sunday. A painting by Naomi Valdivia will be in this exhibit (and is on the bottom right of the postcard below-but come to see it in its entirety).

This exhibit will feature artists who visually tell stories about their culture, their families and folklore.

“In celebration of the Los Angeles Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, FilAm ARTS and El Pueblo Historical Monument invite visual artists to participate in an exhibit that explores the folklore of the multicultural people who have come from all over to make Los Angeles their home.”

For more information contact:, or call (213) 380-3722

Artists include:
Faustino Caigoy
Mark Canto
Charles Funk
Nicanor Evans
Krystal Herrera
Diane Canizares
Rey Zipagan
Budz Floriano
Beth Parocha
Carminnie Doromal
Freyen Santiago
Jesus Silva
Audrey Chan
Chenhung Chen
Naomi Sanders Valdivia
Eliseo Silva
Johnny Otillano
Victoria Tao
Diane Valencia
Yoshie Sakai
Bodeck Hernandez
Alfie Numeric

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