>Starting on 2 new illustrations…



I saw something this morning after dropping Carlos off to work-pulled up to my driveway to see a BUNCH of crows, along my driveway, in my patio, on my wall. I looked around and there were no other crows anywhere in the neighborhood. Being slightly superstitious, it was an ominous sight. Did not like it. Hopefully there was a mouse or something that was in my yard they were after.

Anyhow, that experience inspired me to do an illustration. I haven’t been working on full illustrations and I need to discover my illustration style and feel comfortable in it. I haven’t finished a full illustration in Illustrator they way I’d love to be able to, so I am working on that now. Just wanted to share…will post more progress later.

This lemon girl illustration I think I will do in Photoshop…but I may change my mind and try to finish that in Illustrator as well. More later…


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