>Lost Chankla!

brasil, brazil, brown, chancla, flip flop, havaiana, slipper


So yesterday my poor son went to the beach with his uncle and grandma, and when they got back, I noticed his face looked like he’d been crying. so out of instinct, I look him up and down to see what’s the matter and when I look down, I notice one of his flip flops is missing. They were his favorite ones. He literally cried all evening until he fell asleep. This from a kid who’s fallen directly on his head on tile floor at 2 yrs old and barely cried.

Poor thing kept coming up with things to get his missing slipper back, like getting a submarine and looking for it. or he asked my why couldn’t God suck up the water so we can go find it. Then said he hoped that a shark didn’t eat it or bite it. He said tearfully, “I should’ve listened to you.” I said, “What do you mean?” He replied, “You always told me not to go in the water with my chanclas.”

Above are the style of chanclas that he lost. Yep, they’re Havaianas, bought from Ross Dress for Less months ago. They are the Brasil style, but the size is a US 1-2. If any of you know where I can get that specific size, please let me know. I’ve seen it for sale in women and men’s sizes but not in kids’ sizes. He’s feeling a little better today, but he still woke up after crying himself to sleep, asking if the ocean had spit up his missing chancla. 😦


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