>A Piece of My Mind 08.06.2010: My mind had other plans apparently…

bike, daydream, disney, disneyland, dream, fairy, pixie, ride, subconscious, thought, tinkerbell, yoga, zombie, zombies

>I had planned to get up this morning and have a sweat busting productive work day. My subconscious had other plans apparently. I had some crazy dreams, involving zombies wrapped in aluminum foil with skin that reminded me of baked white fish, and other dreams like going to Disneyland, being a tester on a new ride, for some reason they took down Star Tours (which I hope never happens btw), and it felt like I was flying like Tinkerbell over lands like Neverland, Alice in Wonderland and the Three Caballeros. It was weird, but it was fun, and the lands look like they were all touched with pixie dust. Then the second part of the ride was totally not finished, I flew through a construction site with lots of workers and one of them walked in front of the ride path, farted, and I had to ride through the fart. Lol!

Anyway, it was pretty awesome and weird and I woke up super late (my alarm was still playing “Take on Me” by Aha since 5AM and I had hardly noticed it). I did wake up just in time to get ready and bike ride over to the gym for a noon yoga class. I am so glad I did. Thanks Kimberly for inviting me! It was a great workout riding there, great workout and meditation during yoga, and a nice relaxing and day dreamy ride home. Plus, the perfect weather in beautiful Camarillo just added to it.

So, I’ll look to have a super productive week next week, but I guess my mind wanted to rest this week, as well as open up my creativity again, as I hadn’t really dreamed in a long time when I was still in my daily corporate setting.


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