>A Piece of My Mind 07.21.2010: What a Day!!

baking, cooking, fitness, shaun of the dead, zombie, zombies

I just discovered how out of shape I am right now. The blessing and curse is that I never look unhealthy even when I am. Because I didn’t like the way that felt, I am on a mission. I am pissed! And it’s going to be great. I want to be able to outrun a zombie, and look good doing it.

Aside from that, I learned something new in the kitchen today. Apparently hot glass and cold wet potholder do not mix. The glass bakeware I had sweet potatoes baking in completely cracked and broke in my hands. Carlos is the one who gave me the answer to that mystery.

CJ was completely hot and cold today, speaking of hot and cold, but I don’t blame him. He had a hard day and was just frustrated with everything. He kept dropping things, tripping over things, and we missed the ice cream truck twice. Poor thing. He had a couple of meltdowns today, which is not like him at all.

I’m glad today is close to being over. I still have so much to do. But it is really nice having Carlos home. Not that I need him here to get work done, and as much as the background noise of videogames can be distracting and sometimes annoying, depending on the game, I just “like having him around, he’s a laugh!” (from Shaun of the Dead). Yeah that’s right. Two zombie references in one post.

Good night folks.


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