>A Piece of My Mind Each Day 06.28.10 Reflecting…


>It’s getting down to the wire. 3.5 days left working at my current employer. The mix of emotion is getting even more mixed. I have to make sure I write my last email and give my contact information to people I want to stay in touch with (which is easy because of the internet). The vibe here is a little down, a little strange, especially now that people know I am gone as of Friday. Am clearing off my desk today, and cleaning off my computer. I even forgot to bring a lunch. (I think I have some English muffins still left in the fridge.) On to the next stage of life, with it’s excitement and uncertainty. But I’ve been through this before, and I am not half as scared this time around, even in the current economy. It might take a little while to break out of the corporate mindset I’ve learned here, but I am quite confident that I will do it.


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