>Etsy Scammer Alert!

>Hi everybody,

I just wanted to post this to prevent anyone else who may have been targeted for this scam. This has happened to me a few years ago. I didn’t end up falling for it in the end, but it did come at a time when I really needed the money. The fact that these scammers are so heartless makes me so mad! This is a reply I got regarding the purchase of my original painting “The Blue Lady.” Don’t let anybody send a cashier’s check with an “excess” amount. You will be stuck paying for the original price (As the cashier’s check will be no good) as well as the excess amount, which they expect you to “transfer” to their “shipping method.” Stick to your policies and your shipping methods and make sure that all checks clear before shipping out a product.

I have already reported this to etsy and hopefully they will crack down on this imposter.

Much regards to all of us out there just trying to make it doing what we love and not take advantage of anybody else!



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