>Scrap Stuff Photoshop Tutorials

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Don’t be fooled by the cutesy look of most of these tutorials. Even Carlos, who likes to create monsters and zombies half the time, will find very informative and solid Photoshop recipes and tutorials in this blog. Shawna is the creator of this blog and she makes it very easy to follow along with each tutorial. You can take each recipe and apply it to your own artwork. She creates these dimensional clean illustrations that are difficult to do in Photoshop if you do not have a recipe. Also some photo manipulation tools, like how to create a puzzle from an image, or how to make an image look like it’s on old paper. There are a lot of different recipes to use. She also has a word document available for purchase with ALL of her tutorials, for $10. Not a bad thing to have. Check out her blog: http://scrap-stuff-photoshop-tutorials.blogspot.com/


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