>Illustration Friday Topic: Contained


Okay so this is more like a brain fart sketch version of the beginning stages to an illustration. I’ve been having this idea of showing everything that’s going on in my head when it comes to creativity, art, and emotion, but that’s a lot, and I’m having a bit of trouble trying to bring it into visual form. Kinda like the movie The Cell, but mine will be way less creepy and sinister and more magical and sparkly. Well, this is a start. Thoughts? Ideas?

Oh and we are going on an “art tour” soon…more on that tomorrow…


2 thoughts on “>Illustration Friday Topic: Contained

  1. >There’s something weirdly appropriate about Hello Kitty sitting in the middle of all that religious iconography. Very interesting concept, and I look forward to where this super-challenging idea goes. Just please not anything like The Cell.

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